Eastern Dakota Conference XC Championships

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE - Devils Lake and Central Middle competed in the Eastern Dakota Conference XC Championship this past weekend with the high school boys and girls earning 8th place in the competition. 

Top runners of the Eastern Dakota Conference XC Championship.

Boys Varsity finished in 8th place with 225 points 

  • Finishing in 6 was Brady Goss with a time of 16:26.08 
  •  Finishing in 12 Tyler Goss with a time of 16:56.00
  • Finishing in  59 Adam Sobolik with a time of 18:51.32
  • Finishing in 70 Ben Larson with a time of 19:16.29
  • Finishing in 78 Thomas Leevers with a time of 19:40.15 
  • Finishing in 88 Noah Azure with a time of 20:07.55
  • Finishing in 115 Taydon Triepke with a time of 21:12.40
  • Finishing in 119 Zane Bennett with a time of 21:22.07
  • Finishing in 121 Malcolm Stubbe with a time of 21:30.88
  • Finishing in 129 Grant Quam with a time of 22:04.93
Annika Mccarthy 5k

Girls Varsity finished in 8th place with 222 points

  • Finishing in 19 Kiya McLaurin with a time of 20:47.83
  • Finishing in 21 Gabrielle McLaurin with a time of 20:53.02
  • Finishing in 56 Emily McLaurin with a time of 21:58.24 
  • Finishing in  60 Kayla Britsch with a time of 22:07.45
  • Finishing in 66 Rochelle Jacobson with a time of 22:18.00
  • Finishing in 88 Aubrie Lebrun with a time of 23:07.89
  • Finishing in 98 Anna Shock with a time of 23:22.12
  • Finishing in 119 Isabella Tangedal with a time of 24:08.82
  • Finishing in 122 Annika McCarthy with a time of 24:16.71
  • Finishing in 130 Hallie Fritel with a time of 24:41.85
  • Finishing in 139 Rachel Vaagen with a time of 25:15.60
  • Finishing in 159 Katelyn McLaurin with a time of 26:46.83
Thomas Leevers 5k

Central Middle Boys finished in 10th with 344 points.  Finishing in 51th place with a time of 14:04.26 was Kellan Wiberg. In 58 with a time of  14:20.44 was Isaac Vaagen. In 72nd place was Carter Nelson wtih a time of 15:45.25 and 81st place was Barrett Mudgett with a time of 22:41.98.

Taydon Triepke 5k

Central Middle School Girls finished in 11th place with 357 place. Finishing in 47th place Elizabeth Orness with a time of 15:22.76