Candid Camera: Devils Lake Runners "watch my smoke"

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

Devils Lake- Devils Lake Cross Country team made an impressive finish again at Saturday's meet with Brady Gross, Kayla Britsch and Hallie Fritel as highlights of the team. Overall Devils Lake finished in 7th place with a score of 264 behind Williston and Century with 45, Bowman County with 131, Legacy with 139, Kindred with 162 and New Town with 239.

Brady Gross
Hallie Fritel of Devils Lake
Kayla Britsch (middle) of Devils Lake

Individual Runner Results Boys: 

Place         Runner                     Time 

5.                 Brady Goss        16:54    Devils Lake

63                Adam Sobolik     19:10    Devils Lake

83                Ben Larson         19:52    Devils Lake

104              Noah Azure         20:33    Devils Lake

141             Malcom Stubbe    22:00    Devils Lake

155            .Grant Quam         22:50    Devils Lake

Individual Runner Results Girls: 

Place         Runner                     Time 

43             Kiya McLaurin            21:52    Devils Lake

45            Gabrielle McLaurin      21:53    Devils Lake

62            Kayla Britsch                22:18  Devils Lake

70            Rochelle Jacobson      22:33    Devils Lake

95            Anna Shock                23:21    Devils Lake

136        Isabella Tangedal        25:12     Devils Lake

The cross Country will meet against Grand Forks on October 2, at Lincoln Park in Grand Forks.