Grand Forks Ideal Arosmith awarded $17 million dollar contract

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

GRAND FORKDS - Office of Naval Research has awarded a $17 million contract to Ideal Aerosmith in Grand Forks.

Under the contract, Ideal Aerosmith will develop an Expeditionary Mission Support Station, which will include a mission planning suite for special operations as well as a ground station for controlling multiple unmanned aircraft and sensor systems.

IA also said the station will also enable mission planners to access classified and non-classified information in one place, including data from intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations.  Additionally the contract will allow ISR and other sensor data to be more readily available for re-planning of a mission based on changing weather conditions or new threats that are encountered.

Senator John Hoeven had been working with the ONR to secure the deal and said the  Ideal Aerosmith had been an important success story in the state's efforts to expand their technology sector. 

 “The technology developed under this contract will help missions across the globe to be better informed, supporting the safety and effectiveness of our servicemembers," Hoeven said. 

CEO of Ideal Aerosmith Greg Owens said the organization was grateful to the senator for their support of a strong national defense. 

"We could not provide these solutions without the senator and his staff’s support,"Owens said. “The Ideal team is excited to continue this effort to provide real time situational planning to our servicemembers.”