NDSD Celebrates Deaf Awareness Week

Connie Hovendick
Special to Devils Lake Daily Journal
Devils Lake School of the deaf.

DEVILS LAKE - National Deaf Awareness Week is being celebrated the week of September 20-26. Staff and students at the North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center ask that you help us raise awareness about hearing loss in order to create a greater understanding of the issues facing individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Check out NDSD’s Facebook page or our website at https://www.nd.gov/ndsd/ to see a variety of awareness activities posted for the week.

Awareness information regarding the North Dakota School for the Deaf/Resource Center:

· The North Dakota School for the Deaf Model School is accredited for Pre-K through eighth grade.

· Students attending NDSD this year and may participate in Devils Lake Park Board and DLPS extra-curricular activities.

· High school students attend classes and extra-curricular activities at Devils Lake High School. They continue to obtain educational support services from NDSD staff.

· The NDSD/Resource Center has Parent/Infant and School Age Outreach offices located in Fargo, Underwood, Bismarck, Minot, and Devils Lake.

· Outreach specialists provide home services to more than 60 families of children, birth to three, and consultation services to educators of more than 100 school age students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

· NDSD/Resource Center has Adult Services, with offices in Grand Forks, Fargo and Devils Lake.

· Adult Services staff serve more than 650 North Dakota clients and provide deaf awareness trainings across the state for North Dakota.

· The Communications Department provides interpreters for students who are deaf or hard of hearing at NDSD and at Devils Lake Public Schools.

· Free Sign Language classes are offered in Devils Lake and Fargo and can be streamed on individual computers.

For additional information regarding any of the services provided, please contact Superintendent Dr. Connie Hovendick at 665-4400.