Goehring addresses drought issues

Devils Lake Daily Journal

BISMARCK, N.D. – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring has requested the early release of emergency haying on acres enrolled in all Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contract types from United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack due to the drought. No response has been received.

North Dakota Livestock Producers Are Facing Forage Quality And Quantity Issues Because Of The Drought.

Emergency haying on acres enrolled in CRP typically does not open until after Primary Nesting Season (PNS) ends. North Dakota’s PNS ends Aug. 1, while Montana’s ends July 15, which is why some confusion has arisen due to Montana producers being able to conduct emergency haying.

Drought can be stressful for farmers and ranchers.

“We have been receiving daily calls asking about the early release of emergency haying on CRP lands. I have requested that USDA allow emergency haying on CRP lands enrolled in all contract types starting as soon as possible to maintain some of the nutritional quality of the hay that is harvested,” Goehring said. “In order for our livestock producers to make it through this disaster, it is necessary to marshal every available resource.”

North Dakota     • Drought Severity and Coverage Index week of June 8, 2021:  376     • Average DSCI over past 12 months:  219.7 -- 9th highest     • Worst week of drought:  393, May 18, 2021     • Longest single stretch of severe drought, since last summer:  37 weeks

Goehring has also been exploring options for a program to assist eligible producers with feed transportation expenses.

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