Letter to the editor: Wind Energy

Devils Lake Journal

To the Editor:

It's no secret that the past year has been challenging no matter what corner of the economy you’re in, but there’s one thing we know for sure: here in Devils Lake, ND we are committed to supporting the growth of industries that will help power our economic recovery. One area of that economy that is doing that – both literally and figuratively – is renewable energy.  

The clean power industry is an important job creator in North Dakota with a direct workforce of 2,200 supported jobs, with many other careers in the supply chain that are also supported. Our corner of the state is fortunate to not only be home to wind projects but is also home to a workforce training hub. In fact, Lake Region State College’s program is training the fastest growing job in today’s economy – the wind turbine technician, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

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This is important as renewable development helps support the technical and specialized workforce that would otherwise seek job opportunities outside of the community. We believe in doing everything we can to retain and attract the workforce that will keep our region growing. Jobs in the renewable sector are equal parts reliable, in demand, and are good paying. Keeping these jobs in our community will pay dividends for our economy for decades to come. 

The Forward Devils Lake Corporation is proud to be a supporter of renewable energy, both now and well into the future. 

Brad Barth, Devils Lake

K. William Boyer is the Managing Editor of the Devils Lake News Journal. He can be reached at kboyer@gannett.com, or by phone at (701) 662-2127.  

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