EMS Kid Strong Event at Fort Stevenson

Devils Lake Journal

The Garrison-Max Ambulance is hosting their annual EMS Kid Strong Event at Fort Stevenson State Park on Saturday, May 22, from 4-7 p.m. in the Garrison Bay Marina.  The event features the following local public service entities:  Garrison-Max Ambulance, Garrison Memorial Hospital, Garrison Fire & Rescue, North Dakota Highway Patrol, McLean County Sheriff’s Department, North Dakota Game & Fish Department, Fort Stevenson State Park Rangers, Northstar Criticair, Sanford AirMed.  The event offers many fun activities for kids including bike rodeo, bounce houses, and door prizes, to name a few.    

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Event activities are subject to change depending on the weather. The Department would like to remind visitors to follow the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing and personal hygiene while visiting the park. 

The event is free, but the park charges a $7 vehicle entrance fee unless a State Park Annual Pass is displayed.  Fort Stevenson State Park is located three miles south of Garrison, North Dakota.   For more information, please call the park office (701) 337-5576, e-mail us at fssp@nd.gov or find us on Facebook and Instagram @fort.stevenson. 

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