May 8 at the Raceway

Heather McDonald

It may have been a chilly night at the Devils Lake Speedway. But the Racing was RED HOT. "Car counts were fair considering spring plant is in full swing for our area along with some drivers are still waiting on parts. Some parts are getting harder to come by because of the pandemic. The weather also played a factor in car counts. All things considered under the circumstances we were pleased with the car counts and anticipate those drivers to be back on the track within a week or so, said promoter Heather MacDonald."

12 Purestocks were on hand for the 2nd night of racing for the season. In Heat 1 Mikara Johanson of Edmore moved up 5 positions with a tight battle between Dilon Slaubaugh of Wolford. Dilon Slaubaugh was running hard and slipped off the back of the track to bring out the caution flag, sending Slaubaugh to the back of the field. Slaubaugh managed to drive back through the field to finish 2nd behind Mikara Johanson. In heat 2 Steven Richards of Finley took the lead against fellow senior driver Joe Armstrong of Crary. Both drivers started up front but Richards managed to hold Armstrong off to take the checkered flag at the end of Heat 2. Come feature time Armstrong and Richards both managed to move up 3 positions all the while Jace Odden moved up 5 positions. Top 5 finish is as follows. 1.) #1CJ Joe Armstrong of Crary ND 2.) #3 Steven Richards of Finley ND 3.) Mikara Johanson of Edmore ND 4.) #243 Jace Odden of Rugby ND 5.) #57 Cody Heitz of Rugby ND

Winners of the May 8 race at Devils Lake.
Winners of the May 8 race at Devils Lake
Winners of the May 8 race at Devils Lake
Winners of the May 8 race at Devils Lake
Winners of the May 8 race at Devils Lake

More interest is growing for the Trophy Class. The trophy class is all new for the Devils Lake Speedway. It is a run what you brung type of class. "This class was formed to give cars that do not have a place to race any longer a place to race. In addition to getting someone without any experience more of a chance to try it out. Another reason we came up with the class is if a driver has an issue Friday night in Grand Forks they can come join the Trophy class to get some laps in to make sure they have the problem resolved. The class really has a lot of versatility. It's just for fun. If a driver wants to put someone else in their car for the trophy class they can certainly do that. It might spark someone else to get into racing. Each night we gage the level of competition. If we have a sprint car or late model up against purestocks or circle track mini trucks we are going to make them lap the field a time or two depending on the driver's level of experience Said Promotor Nolan Olmstead." In the Feature for the Trophy class #004 Hudson Hooker of Rugby ND in his purestock came out on top with #15B Doug Mccambridge of Park River ND finishing second in his non wing sprint. Had mccambridge lapped the field twice he would have placed 1st. Mccambridge almost had hooker but ran out of laps to do so. Last week's trophy class winner #06 Cylen Vargason of Edinburg ND finished 3rd in his dad's midwest mod. #8 Trevor Paulson of Carrington ND finished 4th in his Circle Track Mini Truck. 

The Western Renegade Nonwing Sprint car series put on another fantastic show Saturday night. #126 Joel Larson of Fertile MN moved up 3 positions to win Heat 1. #21 Cory Palm of Bismarck moved up 3 positions to win Heat 2. It was a 3 way battle multiple times for the top 5 finishes. #126 Joel Larson was able to hold off pole sitter #52 Adam Sobolik of Grand Forks. Larson came out victorious for the 2nd week in a row. Top 5 are as follows. 1.) #126 Joel Larson of Fertile MN 2.) #52 Adam Sobolik of Grand Forks 3.) #20L Dusty Lawson of Minot ND 4.) #11T Stan Tomlinson of Turtle Lake ND5.) #21 Cory Palm of Bismarck ND.

In the Wissota Street Stock Heat 1 winner was #59 Kyle Anderson of Jamestown ND. Heat 2 winner was #2U Kasey Ussatis of Nome ND. In the feature there was a barn burner for the top spot most of the race. #46 Jonny Carter of Lisbon ND, #33 Daniel Aberle of Finley ND and #59 Kyle Anderson of Jamestown ND had a tough but exciting race for the top prize. Switching positions multiple times. The 2019 National Champion Jonny Carter took the win after moving up 7 positions. Anderson moved up 2 positions to finish 3rd. #4 Trey Hess of Lakota ND moved up 8 positions and #69 Stoney Kruk of Langdon ND moved up 5 positions. Another honorable mention #00C Brandon Corbett of Grand Forks ND moved up 7 positions. Top 5 finish is as follows. 1.) #46 Jonny Carter of Lisbon ND 2.) #33 Daniel Aberle of Finley ND 3.) #59 Kyle Anderson of Jamestown ND 4.) #4 Trey Hess of Lakota ND 5.) #69 Stoney Kruk of Langdon ND. 

Another week another Millenium Chassis ends up in Victory Lane in the Wissota Midwest Mod class. #6R Nate Reynolds of Hoople ND wins Heat 1. #5C Preston Carr of Carrington ND wins Heat 2. #B0 Jory Berg of Grand Forks ND wins Heat 3. The Wissota Midwest Mod Feature was yet again action packed. #28S Matt Schow started outside front row and quickly took the lead. But he had a stacked field of challengers behind him. The race was a close action backed battle with Stenberg, Reynolds and Berg all challenging for the lead. Ultimately Schow was able to hold off the field and park it in Victory Lane. Honorable mention goes to #3L Logan Salazar moved up 6 positions to finish 5th. Finishes are as follows. 1.) #28S Ryan Schow of McIntosh MN 2.) #87S Reise Stenberg of Argusville ND 3.) #6R Nate Reynolds of Hoople ND 4.) #B0 Jory Berg of Grand Forks ND 5.) #3L Logan Salazar of Neche ND

The Devils Lake Speedway will be back in action this Saturday Night May 15th with the following classes Hometrack rules Purestocks, Trophy Class, Powri Minn-kota Lightning Sprints, Western Renegade Non-wing Sprint car series, Wissota Street Stocks and Wissota Midwest mods. Another date to look forward too is May 22nd has been added onto the Schedule. Gates open at 4pm with racing starting at 7pm. 

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