Prarie View Elementary celebrates Teacher Appreciation week in a unique way

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

Devils Lake – You have heard of Wheel of Fortune, a chance to win big money and big prizes. This year Devils Lake’s own Prarie View Elementary decided to take that concept and put a unique spin on it for their week long celebration of their staff and educators.

This Flyer For The Week Long Event Was Posted Throughout The School.

Principal Dawn Johnson decided to invent the game called, Game of Games, a digital spinning wheel where teachers and staff spin to see if they will win a prize or a challenge.  The challenges, according to the school, all correlate to the theme of appreciating a teacher or educational professional in the district. Each spin resulted in points that are tallied up throughout the entire week that will result in a lucky grand prize winner.

The Spinning Wheel For Prarie View Game Of Games This Digital Wheel Is Displayed On A Giant Tv Screen During The Game Play In The Main Hall Of The School.

Michelle Horn, a paraprofessional at the school said she has had several challenges over the course of the week.

“One of my challenges was to give a teacher at another school a gift and a note and let them know it was from me.” Horn said. “I also was to leave a note on a teacher’s chair here at the school showing my appreciation for them and not let them know I was the one who sent them.”

As One Of Her Challenges Michelle Horn Was To Post An Digital Rendering Of Herself With An Explanation Of Her Positive Vides.

Horn said the entire week many staff members have taken turns on the spinner and while the game was reserved for the educators only, the students have been enjoying it just as much as the staff.

Students Took Part In The Appreciation Event By Drawing Pictures Of The School Which Were Displayed In The Main Hall Of The Building.

“They have been having a blast,” Horn said. “They love watching the teachers spin the wheel and seeing what they will get.”

Horn said the teachers will get goodie bags that are compiled of little tokens of appreciation that the PTO and others have collected to show their gratitude for the teachers and educational staff.

These Goodie Bags Were Prepaired To Be Dispersed To Lucky Teachers At Prarie View Elementary As Part Of The Teachers Appreciation Week And The Game Of Games Event.

 Horn, who was recently awarded the honor of being named a district employee of the quarter, said this is the first time the school has done something like this in the five years she has been there.

“It has been wonderful,” she said.

Prarie View Elementary is one of two elementary schools in the county, serving grades one to fourth.

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