Letter to the Editor: Grassroots

Devils Lake Journal

To the Editor:

I’ve recently read a few letters to the editor regarding a new initiated measure from a group called “Protect North Dakota’s Constitution.” The word “grassroots” was frequently used in their letters to the editor, but not correctly.

According to Susan Rice, “A true ‘grassroots movement’ isn’t organized by political forces – instead, a ‘grassroots movement’ springs up spontaneously due to some pressing issue that a community feels needs to be changed or enhanced.”

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We all know that our legislators have tried hard to push through measures that would limit the voice of the people by changing the rules on what it would take for citizens to sponsor measures and amend the ND Constitution.

“Protect North Dakota’s Constitution” is the establishment pushing an agenda on us voters. It’s well-known that the state Chamber of Commerce runs to the establishment’s rescue every few years when they feel threatened. All of PNDC's funding so far has come from the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce. “Protect North Dakota’s Constitution” has even hired the state’s most partisan advertising firm to spin their extreme agenda. So, their claim that it’s a grassroots initiative is just false.  It’s a top-down, rather than bottom-up movement.

The North Dakota initiated measure process is a power reserved to the people to be able to change laws. It’s a direct way for the citizens of our state to take action and submit ideas to voters. We should not let the big business establishment in North Dakota take that away.

Joy Fisher, Dickinson

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