“2021 Ramsey County Expressive Arts”

Sara Laite

We just completed our Ramsey County Communication Arts and Clothing Revue on Sunday, May 2. We were thrilled to have 20 participants in the Clothing Revue and 17 presentations in our Communication Arts contest.

Clothing Revue
Eat Pete
Je News
Sr Speech

All participants in the Clothing Revue were in the “Buy and Show” category. The main objective of the Buy and Show is to select a ready-to-wear garment or garments that can be used effectively in a wardrobe. The clothing items have either been purchased at a retail store, a secondhand store, garage sale, or picked right out of their closet.

The results of the Clothing Revue are:

Cloverbuds: Ellie Dimmler, Austin Duey, Daphne Leiphon, Scarlett Leiphon, Lydia Volk, Adalynn Mayfield, Clara Rohr, and Myles Exner. They all received a participation ribbon and were so fun to watch!

In the Pre-teen division, we had receiving blue ribbons: Talia Laite, Slaid Helen Schmid, Liam Nelson, Julia Rohr, Opal Beggs, and Landry Exner. Reserve Champions went to Paisley Schmid and Makaela Hettwer. Grand Champion went to Ty Volk and Megan Hawn.

In the teen division, Bailey Hawn received Reserve Champion and Grand Champion went to Mathea Nelson.

The Communication Arts program provides youth with opportunities to build skills and confidence in making public presentations and helps participants develop communication skills used throughout a lifetime. The results of the Communication Arts contest included Grand Champions received by the following:

Max and Ty Volk; Team Illustrated Talk; “North Dakota Pioneer Homes”.

Ty Volk; Illustrated Talk; “How to be an NFL Player”.

Max Volk; Demonstration; “How to Make Donut Holes”.

Talia Laite and Scarlett Leiphon; Team Demonstration; “How to Make Slime”.

Jocelyn Stinkeoway and Ella Wass; Team Mass Media Broadcasting, “JE North Dakota News”.

Rochelle Jacobson; Senior Electronic Presentation “Real Food”.

Egan Laite; Junior Electronic Presentation; “Proper Voice Tone”.

Opal Beggs; Junior Interpretive Reading; “It’s Nice to be a Narwal”.

Judah Young; Junior Interpretive Reading; “The Gettysburg Address”.

Anna Young; Senior Interpretive Reading; “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”.

Madison Hettwer; Senior Speech; “Escaped Nazis”.

We also had some amazing presentations by our cloverbud members, who are the younger members of 4-H, ages 5-7. They all received a participation ribbon.

Austin Duey; “The Big City”

Collin Duey; Five Little Monkeys”

Ellie Dimmler; “Eat Pete”

Collyns Schlieve; “Sunday Monday”

Maeve Young; “Bible Verse”

Myles Exner; “Elephant & Piggy”

Congratulations to all Ramsey County 4-H participants! All of our Communication Arts participants are eligible to compete at the district event on June 3rd in Cando.

For more information, contact the Ramsey County Extension Office at 701-662-7027. Website: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/ramseycountyextension. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NDSUExtRamsey/

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