Bill Heisler celebrates more than a decade at Lake Chevy

Stacey Dimmler

Bergstrom Cars would like to congratulate Bill Heisler, who recently celebrated his 10th year- wait- make that 12th year (sorry we missed it, Bill!) with the company!

When Bill started working in the car business as a salesperson at New Rockford Chevrolet in 1999, there was not much technology in vehicles and buying a vehicle on the internet was something that salespeople only joked about. Because there was no such thing as the internet, most of the sales were a result of people coming on to the lot or because they knew your name and they’d pick up the phone to call. (For Bill, that part really hasn’t changed- many of his customers are still the same or from the same family!) Computers weren’t a thing, either. He said “We did everything by hand. Credit apps, purchase agreements… there were no computers. Pen and paper was all you had.”

Bergstrom Cars congratulated Bill Heisler, who recently celebrated over 10 years with the company.

Over the years, he worked his way up to Sales Manager, saying that “everyday something new happens and what you do with it makes you grow within this company. The opportunities with Bergstrom Cars are endless.” 

Bill’s hard work and determination in the midst of challenging obstacles like inventory shortage and a global pandemic helped him earn the first ever “Coach’s Choice Coach of the Year” in 2020. This award was given to Bill because of his leadership, initiative, and perseverance. Bill takes a great deal of pride in what he does, something that his customers and coworkers him know very well.

Bill enjoys most the people that he gets to meet and work with, as well as seeing happy customers drive away with a vehicle they wanted or only dreamt of. He said that he hopes to pass his love and passion of the car business onto the newer team members at Bergstrom Cars. 

Bill and his wife LeAnn just celebrated their 36th anniversary. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren: Natae (daughter) and husband Matt have Mason, Parker, and Haddie; Nevon (son) and his wife Meghan have Brayden and Maddie (yes, a Maddie and a Haddie!), and Denton (son) who recently came into the Bergstrom Cars family as a salesperson. Bill said that they love the time they get to spend with their family. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, or hanging out at the lake. In the future, Bill and LeAnn look forward to traveling and seeing more of the country.

Thank you for all of your dedication and leadership, Bill!

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