Hanson / Ness / Zinke Agency achieves “Premier Agency” status


(JAMESTOWN, N.D.) – The Armen Hanson / Dan Ness / Kim Zinke Agency of Devils Lake is one of just 9 Farmers Union Insurance agencies in the state to achieve “Premier Agency” status, a highly coveted designation within the company.

“This is an elite group that represents about 10 percent of our agent force in the state,” said Kevin Ressler, Chief Sales, Marketing and Brand Officer for Farmers Union Insurance. “They are being recognized for their high level of service, sales and marketing.”

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Ressler said qualifying agencies had to meet a number of benchmarks and goals. The Hanson / Ness / Zinke Agency will be branded as a Premier Agency for the year. As such, it will receive various items including a $250 donation to a charitable organization of the agency’s choice.

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