2021 N.D. 4-H Air Rifle Championships Winners Announced

Adrian Biewer

DEVILS LAKE - Ramsey County teams took first place in all three divisions of the 2021 4-H State Air Rifle Championships.

Devils Lake was the host site for the event, but shooters were allowed to participate at their home range under instructor supervision and mail their shot targets to the host site.

Youth ages 8 to 18 competed in three age divisions. Youth ages 8 to 10 were beginners, ages 11 to 13 were in the junior division and ages 14 to 18 were in the senior division. The competition was limited to sporter class air rifles. The match had 47 participants.

Beginners participated in a 60-shot bench rest competition for a possible score of 600. The junior and senior teams competed in a three-position (prone, kneeling and standing) event, performing 20 shots at 10 meters in each position for a potential score of 600. Senior age division participants competed to qualify for the 2022 4-H National Invitational Match in Grand Island, Neb.

The first-place Ramsey County senior team consisted of Hannah Vaagen, Casia Steinhaus, Cassandra Christenson and Madison Hettwer.

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Individual winners in the senior division and their scores were:

First - Steinhaus, 508

Second - Vaagen, 504

Third - Christenson, 498

Fourth - Mercedes Francis, Cass County, 493

Fifth - Caeden Francis, Cass County, 479

Members of the first-place junior division Ramsey County air rifle team were Laura Stiven, Rachel Vaagen, Nate Steinhaus and Brady Schuler.

Individual winners in the junior division and their scores were:

First - Stiven, 483

Second - Kiley Whitlock, Ward County, 452

Third - Layne Korgel, Ward County, 441

Fourth - Vaagen, 415

Fifth - Steinhaus, 398

The first-place Ramsey County beginner team consisted of Braydon Sundeen, Halle Schuler, Robert McGarvey and Jacob Potgieter.

Individual winners in the beginner division and their scores were:

Rhett Teigen, Pierce County, 555

Second - Evelyn Wald, Ward County, 544

Third - Sundeen, 520

Fourth - Schuler, 519

Fifth - McGarvey, 518

Jacob Vaagen from Ramsey County was the lone masters division participant and scored 528.

Shooting sports is sponsored by Scheels, a supporter of the North Dakota 4-H Foundation.

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