Devils Lake man and dog help neighbors evacuate mobile home fire

Jack Williams
Devils Lake Journal
Stock photo.

DEVILS LAKE - Last Saturday was a night that Devils Lake resident Scott Lappe would never forget, a night when man's best friend became a hero as well.

It was around 1:30 a.m. when Lappe was awoken by his dog, Tucker. Tucker was growling and barking, concerned with something that was going on toward the front of the house.

Lappe jumped out of bed, seeing that is entire living room was filled with light. He said he thought someone was in the house, but upon looking out one of the side windows, he saw that his neighbors porch is was on fire. 

"I called 911, ran outside and started beating on the side of their trailer," Lappe said. "I don't know if I woke them up or their fire alarms woke them up, but by the time I got to their side door, they were coming out."

Though he said he's not sure if his banging was the reason why the residents of the trailer home were able to evacuate before the fire spread, both residents of the home were able to leave safely.

Unfortunately, the residents would end up losing a dog and two cats in the fire.

Scott Lappe's dog, Tucker, who alerted Lappe that their neighbors house was on fire

According to Lappe, he offered his neighbors some clothes and said things have gotten better for his neighbors since.

Lappe said he doesn't know how much of a role he or Tucker's efforts played into helping his neighbors evacuate, but they did as much as the could to help. Tucker, who Lappe describes as a teddy bear, is "a little yipper" and barks and whatever might be going on outside. 

Lappe said that he just wanted to do what he could at the moment to help. 

"It's just human nature," Lappe said. "I would hope some one would help me out if my place caught on fire. Just come out to help and assist if it was needed." 

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