2021 Devils Lake KID'S Section

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

***Editor's Note***

The following stories were written by Devils Lake students as part of a special edition called "Kid's Section" where elementary and middle grade students wrote about community issues and created ads for local businesses as an introduction into the field of journalism.  They're words, their work, their commitment. Our honor to celebrate them!

CMS Helps Community

By Luke Wasness

In the Devils Lake area there are multiple things that students can do to help out. The school has gone to the Hope Center, and students have rung bells for the Salvation Army. Students at CMS have also raked, and our school did the Stuff a Truck. As for the money that the school raises through fundraisers, it is donated to many businesses. Some of the businesses that have been given donations in the past include the Search and Rescue, the Hope Center and the TLC Animal Shelter. If anyone has any suggestions on ways that CMS students can help our community, bring them to Mr. Kaffar or Mr. Wateland. Mr. Wateland suggests that students “Just try to help out wherever you go.” In conclusion, help the Devils Lake area by looking for people and businesses in need and volunteering your time. 

students in the local elementary schools created ads for their "newspaper."

Presidential Inauguration

By James Mikkelson

The Presidential Inauguration took place in Washington, D.C. at 12:00 pm on January 20th. An inauguration is when the new elected president is put in office. During the inauguration, Trump stepped down as president and Joe Biden became the 46th president. Kayla Powell, a National Park Ranger who is stationed in Alaska and good friend of CMS teacher Mrs. Wasness, was at the inauguration for added security. She said, “Our mission was simple--the transition of power will happen. That was our duty. You’ve heard that security for the 59th inauguration was unprecedented, but it doesn’t really paint the picture of the eerie dystopian feel. I’ve never been to DC but I’ve seen the images of wall to wall people and this couldn’t have been further from that. Instead, our most recent transition of power was ushered in under the watchful eye of thousands of National Guard members, police officers, and agents. Instead of walls of people, there were walls of fence. Instead of parking and traffic congestion the streets were lined with police and agent cars. There was never much ground unattended by the watchful eyes of people tasked to protect the mission. There were times at night when the silence and stillness was heavy and almost palpable.  Living in this historic moment is something I will not forget.” This year’s presidential inauguration was very different due to COVID-19 and the political unrest in America. Luckily, the added security and precautions kept everyone in Washington D.C. safe.

students in the local elementary schools created ads for their "newspaper."

Black History Month

By Elizabeth Orness

During the month of February, it was Black History Month. Black History Month is an annual celebration or observance that originated in 1915 in the United States. It is celebrated in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. It is observed to make all Americans aware of the struggle for freedom and equal opportunities and to celebrate the many achievements of African Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. helped make equal rights possible. He was a Baptist Minister and a Civil RIghts Activist. He was a leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, and he led some very successful events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1956 and the March on Washington in 1963. During the March on Washington, King said his famous “I Had a Dream” speech.  The speech was a call for equality and freedom at the Washington March. Some fun facts are that Black History Month began as Negro History Week, but then became a month long celebration in 1976. Another fun fact is that Martin Luther King Jr. actually improvised most of the speech “I Had a Dream.” Black History Month is also called African American Month, or just plain old February. Sixth grade CMS teacher, Ms. Wright said, “It’s important to understand where our country has come from. Since it is a more recent movement, there is still a lot more that can change.” Black History Month is a great thing to celebrate and everyone should try to contribute to it.       

International Women’s Day

By Elizabeth Orness

International Women's Day was celebrated on Monday, March 8th this year. It was first celebrated on February 22nd to March 8th in 1913. International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements in the social, economic, cultural, and political spheres and for gender equality. International Women’s Day invites people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, and colors to consider what they can do to make the world a more equal place for everyone. Women have done so much for this world. Marie Curie was the founder of a new science of radioactivity. Her discoveries launched some of the most effective cures for cancer. Rosa Parks fought for African-American equality. Then, there is Ada Lovelace, a mathematician, who was the first computer programmer. Some things that you can do to appreciate women is to be thoughtful and to give kind gestures. Help your mom around the house, and open doors for women. Mason Palmer, a 7th grader at CMS, said, “I think it is important to acknowledge women because everyone should be treated equally and with equal opportunities.” Everyone should learn how to acknowledge women and make them feel more appreciated. 

College Football Playoffs

By Bryar Exner

This year’s College Football Playoffs had 4 teams: #1 Alabama, #2 Clemson, #3 Ohio State, and #4 Notre Dame. There were 2 games on January 1st. The first game was #1 Alabama vs #4 Notre Dame. Alabama went big in the first quarter scoring 14 points. Then Notre Dame tried to make a comeback, but they couldn’t get close. The final score was 31 to 14. Wide receiver Devonta Smith, the Heisman Trophy winner, put up 130 Yards with only 7 receptions and 3 touchdowns. The second game on January 1st for the playoffs was #2 Clemson vs #3 Ohio State. In the first quarter it was a steady game 14 to 14. Then in the second quarter it was all Ohio State scoring 21 points. In the third and fourth quarters both teams scored 7 points per quarter. The final score was 49 to 28. Quarterback Justin Fields had a great game putting up a 78.5% completion percentage, 385 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 1 interception. The National Championship game was between #3 Ohio State vs #1 Alabama. It started as a close one with each team scoring 7 points in the first quarter. However, in the second quarter both teams scored a combined total of 38 points. Alabama scored 28 of those points while Ohio State scored 10 of those points. In the third quarter Alabama scored 10 points, but Ohio State only got 7 points. In the fourth quarter Alabama scored the only touchdown, and Alabama won 52 to 24. Wide receiver Devonta Smith got injured in the 3rd quarter but still had 12 receptions with 215 yards and 3 touchdowns. Alabama earned their 18th Nation Championship. Kade Fee said, “I was going for Notre Dame.” Even though the College Football Playoffs had no close games, it was still fun to watch.

Devils Lake Dance Studios

By Halle Everson

There are two great dance studios in Devils Lake, ND that youth from preschool to 12th grade can participate in. Miki’s School of Dance and Just for Kix are both located in downtown Devils Lake. The 7th & 8th graders in Miki’s School of Dance are Alex Popowski, Jadeyn Kempel, Jordan Vannett, Aubrey Hammond, Emily Green, Samantha Faaborg, and Melody Horn. The 7th & 8th grade girls in JFK are Faith Everson, Chloe Weed, Elizabeth Orness, Blair Woodrow, Madyson Bergeron, Natalie Schall, Karlyn Rardon, Karlie Ness, Aubrey Lebrun, Jolie Dion, and Lillian Shockman. Some favorite things that they like about dancing are meeting new friends on their dance teams and traveling to competitions with their teams. Some types of dances that these studios offer are tap, ballet, musical theater, Pom, acro, hip hop, jazz, point, lyrical, and modern. A lot of dancers' favorite types of dance are musical theater or Pom. For both studios, it is currently competition season. Alex Popowski, who dances at Miki’s School of Dance, said that she started dancing because she wanted to tap. Another Miki’s dancer, Jadeyn Kempel, said that her mom put her in it. Kaylee Christensen is also a dancer at Miki’s School of Dance, and she said “I was two years old when I started dancing.” Both of these dance studios would be fun to join.

Guide to Understanding Teens

By Kaylee Christensen

Teens can be very difficult to understand and can be hard to communicate with. Teens are experiencing many changes in their lives and bodies. These changes start occurring around ages 13-15.  The first way is physically. Teens are experiencing puberty, a period of rapid growth that marks the end of their childhood and the beginning of physical and sexual maturity. The next change is emotionally. Teens experience many reactions which cause much of the anxiety and emotional turmoil that is so common in this age group. Another change in teens is socially. They are learning how to function in groups and with peers. The adolescent peer group is something parents often think of as harmful to their teen. Actually, it is very important to teens' development. The final way is morally. Adolescents in this stage are concerned about what people think of them, and their moral compass isn’t fully developed yet, so they sometimes make bad choices. By living up to the expectations of people they care about, this can also help them feel better about themselves. CMS teacher, Mr. McLaurin, says, “Raising teens is very challenging.” Overall teens are hard to understand but worth the time it takes to get through to them.

students in the local elementary schools created ads for their "newspaper."

History of the 4-Leaf Clover

By Sophie Cavanaugh

Four-leaf clovers were Celtic Charms that were presumed to give protection and to ward off bad luck. Children in the Middle Ages believed that they would be able to see fairies if they found one. Four leaf clovers are said to stand for faith, hope, love, and luck. Four leaf clovers are not the only rarest variation of the tree leaf clover; there are also the five-leaf clovers and the six-leaf clovers. Many clover-like plants have four leaves, but they aren’t considered lucky. Some people think four-leafed clovers add God’s grace to the metaphor of the Holy Trinity. Four leaf clovers are caused by genetic mutations. Shamrocks look identical to four leaf clovers, but they are different because shamrock refers to three leaf clovers. Iron Cross (Tetraphylla) look alike to four leaf clovers, but they are different due to the Iron Cross having a color in the middle. Madison Bentley, a 7th grader at CMS said, “Four leaf clovers are lucky because it’s really rare to find. People get really excited when they find it.” Four leaf clovers are to be believed to have good fortune, but do you think it's a hoax? 

Community Needs

By Madison Hettwer

Devils Lake, North Dakota is home to many people. Much of this community is made up of children and young adults. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of activities for kids and teenagers to do, so the CMS Press sent out a survey to the students of CMS to get their opinions on what kids would like to see added to our community. First, students were asked “Are you happy with what Devils Lake has to offer?” The majority of youth are happy, but there are still some kids who would like to see more added to Devils Lake. Next, students were asked, “What do you like to do in Devils Lake?” Most students enjoy riding bikes, swimming, going to the park, playing sports, and going to the gym. Finally, students answered the question, “What is something you would like to see added to Devils Lake for children and young adults?” Most students at CMS wanted a bowling alley,  trampoline park, arcade, or a movie theater. A large number of students expressed the need for a rec center with indoor basketball courts, swimming pools, and playground area. Trinity Myers, a sixth grader at CMS, said, “There is not much for young people to do in this town, so I would like to see an arcade added.”  Devils Lake offers a variety of competitive sports and activities, but the youth at CMS would like to see more non competitive activities and places to go during the cold months when outdoor activities are not an option. 

Mental Health Care

By Grace Harkness

Mental illness occurs around the world and roughly 26% of Americans struggle with it. Mental health care is important because it reduces the risk of chronic diseases related to stress, anxiety, and substance abuse. Mental health services most importantly save lives and improve the lives of people who feel hopeless and lost. Some websites that you can check out are Suicide Prevention Hotline (800) 273-8255 and Hftd.org, whose slogan is “It’s ok not to be ok.” Mental health includes emotional, physical, and social well being. It affects how people think, feel, and act. It also helps figure out how to deal with stress, relate to others, and make choices. As Albus Dumbledore said in Harry Potter, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Mrs. Klemetsrud, an 8th grade teacher at CMS, said, “A lot of people are afraid of opening up to it and it should be the same as opening up about physical health like when you break your arm or leg.” I think that mental health care can help a lot of people in many different and exciting ways.

The Science Behind Lava Lamps

By Blair Woodrow

Lava lamps go through a very interesting process of being made. They were first invented in 1963, and millions were sold across the globe everywhere. The process starts with custom glass bottles, which are made by melted glass put into a mold. While still warm, the glass containers are shaped into the lava lamp shape. The workers inspect each bottle to make sure they are up to standards. The second step is the metal spinning. This shapes the metal parts on the outside. It buffs and bends the metal piece into the perfect shape, which is then polished. The third step of the process is the filling. The liquid is poured in, along with a metal spring to help distribute the heat. The formula of the filling is still a secret and is well guarded. The coloring is then added into the liquid and wax. Once it hits the top of the lamp it cools off and falls, but as soon as the lava gets to the heated part it floats to the top. This cycle could go on forever. Finally, the lids are glued on and are put into packaging for selling. Aubrey Hammond said, “I used to have a lava lamp when I was younger, and it was super cool.” Lava lamps go through a very interesting process of being created.

students in the local elementary schools created ads for their "newspaper."

Interesting World Records

By Presley Brown

     Many records have been set in the world. Some of these records are the largest carrot, longest nose, tallest dog, and longest finger nails. The largest carrot was found in 2007 by Joe Atherton. It’s about 20 feet long. The longest nose was last measured in 2010 by Mehment Ozyurek. Mehment’s nose is 3.55 inches long. The tallest dog is named Freddy. He was last measured September 13, 2016 and was 1.035 meters tall. Shiridhar Chillal set the record for having the longest nails with a length of almost 10 meters long; that’s about the length of two cars! Although some may like having long nails others don’t. “I would not want to have long nails,” said Mia Elsperger. There are many more amazing records in the world even happening today.

Among Us Craze

By Brody Asleson

          Among Us is a rapidly growing video game. Most people have heard of it and many have it downloaded. Famous Youtubers/streamers such as, Pestily, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Ninja etc. promote this game. However, in case you have been living under a rock for the past 2 years, let me explain to you in the simplest way I can. Among Us is a space era survival game where players are stuck on a certain location which are the three maps, The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. In these maps are tasks, or virtual chores, that you have to complete in order to escape. Now there are two roles to play in Among Us. The first one is The Crew 2, which has the task of completing tasks that are scattered around the map in hopes to evade the imposter and root out the imposter before it can assassinate the entire crew. The second role is The Imposter. The role of the imposter is different. As an imposter, you must eliminate the crew discreetly so you don't get caught. There are several methods of doing this which I cannot share at this time because it's a public newspaper. Overall, I've played about 6 games, and I had a lot of fun. A lot of students at CMS are playing the game. Kaiser Lien said that “he liked it as well, and that he would rather do chores in Among Us than in real life.” I give Among Us an A- as it could use a bit more refining, especially on mobile edition, but overall it's a great game.

A Dog’s Purpose

By: Riley Brenno-Quale

        A Dog’s Purpose is a great story that is a New York Times best seller. It is about a dog’s life, and how he is reborn again and again with a new purpose in each new life. It starts out when Toby and his siblings are born and try to run away from the dog catchers, but they are saved by a nice person named Senora and are taken under her arms. There are many dogs there; one of the dogs is the top dog and fights against every dog that steps in his way. Toby is later euthanized. Toby is reborn and runs away again and again, he is caught by dog catchers. This time, Ethan and his mom save him and name him Bailey. Bailey and Ethan go through a lot of stuff together like a house fire, college, and a girlfriend. After Bailey gets old and passes away, the hero dog, Elleya, is born! Elleya is adopted by Jakob who trains her to be a search and rescue dog. Elleya is on a big mission to find the missing girl in the woods. She finds her and is named a hero. She then goes to Maya and stays with her after Jakob is shot and is injured. He is rushed to the hospital while Elleya stays with a worried Maya who is worried she can’t fill in Jakob. She does and the 2 of them have a great journey together. Elleya dies in the end, and then comes Bear. He is in an animal shelter until Derek takes Bear home for his girlfriend, Wendi. Unable to care for Bear, she sends him to her mother. Her mother abandons him and never returns. Bear has no choice but to move, but then he smells something, something familiar… ETHAN! He makes it back to the farm. He gets adopted by Ethan and is named buddy. Buddy ventures off to another town where he finds Ethan’s old girlfriend Hannah. He brings them back together. An online review from Iris Dart, author of the novel Beaches, says, “This book is a classic. A beautiful, uplifting, tenderly told, frequently funny, and exquisitely moving story.” A Dog’s Purpose is a great story that has won several awards, and you should really read it!

students in the local elementary schools created ads for their "newspaper."

CMS Math Teacher Retires

By Brianna Edwardson

Mrs. Kavli is a math teacher on the 8th Grade Team at Central Middle School.  Her birthday is April 28th. Mrs. Kavli's family consists of her husband Mac, her 4 kids, and 6 grandkids.  Some of her hobbies are playing cards, reading, baking, fishing, and hunting. Mrs. Kavli’s favorite thing to do besides teaching is spending time with her grandkids. Mrs. Kavli became a math teacher because she has always enjoyed math, and she loved helping her classmates. Mrs. Kavli said, “It felt good helping them understand it.” Mrs. Kavli started teaching in 1983. She spent 16 years at Warwick and 22 years at CMS. Mrs. Kavli has decided to retire this year to spend more time with her family and friends. Mrs. Brunner, a CMS teacher on the 8th Grade Team said that, “she’s the most dedicated math teacher ever, and she’s like cheese, she ages well.” Mrs. Kavli is a great math teacher and people will miss her once she retires.

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