Volunteers sought for LRSC flower gardens

Erin Wood

Those who have a green thumb, but no flower garden of their own or those who want some extra flowers to tend are encouraged to join the Lake Region State College Beautification Committee.

Elonda Nord, Executive Director of the Community College Foundation at Lake Region State College said a number of small and large flower beds are open to volunteers to color the campus.

“We have several ideal spots for you to put your green thumb to work,” she said. If you enjoy tending a flower bed or planting flowerpots, we would love to have you join our Campus Beautification Group.”

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Flowers are provided by the college. Volunteers offer their time to keep the gardens bright and blooming. 

An informational meeting for volunteers will be held on Monday, April 19th at 2:00 pm in Heritage Hall. Those who can’t make the meeting but want to be part of the committee should call the Foundation Office at 662-1560 for more information. 

“Be prepared to be inspired as you visit with other gardeners and share ideas! We can’t wait to see all of you and greet some new faces,” Nord said.

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