North Dakota State Legislation Briefs


Check out these briefs from the most recent North Dakota State Legislation:

 Pink camouflage bill fails in the House

The North Dakota House of Representatives has killed a bill that would have allowed hunters to wear fluorescent pink hunting clothes instead of the traditional blaze orange.

Sen. Kristin Roers, R-Fargo, introduced the bill after struggling to find hunting gear that fit and had proper coloring. The bill passed in the Senate by a wide margin of 43-4 but failed in the House 14-78. Some lawmakers were concerned that red-green colorblind hunters would struggle to see the pink gear.

Lawmaker saves colleague from choking

Rep. Jared Hagert, R-Emerado, is a farmer and owner of a small agribusiness, and he may now claim another notable service to agriculture – performing the Heimlich maneuver on fellow District 20 Rep. Mike Beltz, R-Hillsboro, who was choking on a piece of steak while at dinner with other representatives.

Beltz said everyone remained calm and the incident was over quickly. He said he is now doing just fine.

“Not the most fun I’ve ever had in 30 seconds, but all’s well that ends well,” Beltz said.

The two representatives were recognized on the House floor by Rep. Greg Stemen, R-Fargo, who as a community relations specialist with Sanford Health understands the value of training for people who confront such situations.

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