NDTC Awards Donations to St. Joseph’s School & Senior Meals & Services

Tammy Reirson

Devils Lake- NDTC recently made donations to St. Joseph’s School and to Senior Meals and Services. St. Joseph’s School will use the award toward their new school addition, while Senior Meals and Services will use the funds to help replace their existing phone system.

Donations such as the these are made every month from the NDTC Dollars in Motion program. NDTC has historically supported programs and projects that encourage youth, enhance communities and promote education.

Rod Hoffmeyer, NDTC CEO/General Manager presents award to Cathy Saele-Odendaal, Senior Meals & Services, Inc. Executive Director.
Rod Hoffmeyer, NDTC CEO/General Manager awards the Dollars in Motion donation to Michelle Clouse, St. Joseph’s School Principal.

To request an application from the NDTC Dollars in Motion program contact NDTC at 701-662-1100 or online at https://www.gondtc.com/dollars-in-motion. Together we can make a difference for the people in our communities.

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