Dakota College at Bottineau Offers Natural Resource Opportunities

Angie Bartholomay

Bottineau- Dakota College at Bottineau provides natural resource programs as an essential component of good environmental stewardship. These programs prepare students for jobs to protect and regulate natural habitats and renewable natural resources. Effective conservation involves education related to natural resources and natural resources management. As a two-year college offering 33 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, Dakota College designs and deliver the environmental education.

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Environmental Technician program prepares students to perform tasks associated with laboratory and field testing of water, soil and air to determine concentrations and sources of contaminants. Due to climate change activism and fueling interest in green jobs, environmental careers remain some of the most in demand jobs. Graduates may find jobs in collecting samples for testing or jobs involved in abating, controlling, or remediation of sources of environmental pollution. This is a two-year AAS degree at Dakota College.

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The Natural Resource Management program may be obtained as an AAS or AS degree. It prepares students to perform tasks associated with managing, improving and protecting natural resources for economic and/or recreational purposes. Graduates who choose not to transfer to complete their Bachelor of Science, may obtain jobs in the industry. These jobs assist in data collection and inventories of natural resources, provide conservation recommendations to managers, and develop and implement natural resource management plans.

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Natural Resource education provide a variety of careers ranging from recreational to commercial industries. Improving and protecting our natural habitats and renewable natural resources requires many skills. For further information about the Natural Resource program visit www.dakotacollege.edu

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