Where to Get Vaccination Info without Internet Access

Kathi Schwan, West Fargo AARP ND State President

DEVILS LAKE - As coronavirus vaccines continue to roll out in North Dakota, people without Internet access are asking where they can get vaccination information and how they get signed up for the vaccine.

Getting information to people without online access is critical so they can also get in line until such time when supply of the vaccine meets demand.

Those who don’t have access to a computer should first contact their health care provider. If you don’t have a provider, call the N.D. Department of Health’s toll-free vaccine hotline at 866-207-2880. They may be able to help you set up an appointment for the vaccine, or refer you to providers where you live.

Or, call a family member or neighbor with Internet access to help you find information about COVID-19 vaccine availability in your area.

We continue to hear from older North Dakotans looking for facts about the vaccine. They want to know where and when they can get the vaccine, what they need to bring, and if there is a cost.

The vaccine is free of cost. AARP fought tirelessly to ensure the vaccines are free. People without health insurance can also receive the vaccine for free.

AARP North Dakota has launched a new webpage (aarp.org/NDvaccine) to help people cut through the confusion and share details of what we know for sure so that people can make their own decisions.

We’re fighting hard to help people get the facts of the COVID vaccine. We know there is no time to waste.

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