Community Shout: Honoring Central Middle School’s “Character Kids”

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE – This week we want to take a special moment an honor all the area middle school kids from the new year  that have to date been deemed a “Character” for their academic and positive nature.  The following students have been named a character of the week in January or February.  Our thanks to Central Middle School for their assistance in providing information on the students.

8th grader Kariauna Smith rang in the new year as the first character of the week for the school. The school said Kariauna has a kind and caring personality. She works extremely hard in her classes. According to the school, she is a great advocate for herself, and she is polite and respectful.

Next up in January was 5th grader Olivia Lindstrom! Olivia was noted as displaying all of the pillars of Character Counts! The school said she is an overachiever, always takes the time to do quality work, and she is very kind to staff and peers.

Christopher Wood
Grace Harkness
Kariauna Smith
Olivia Lindstrom
Olivia Medicine Stone

6th grader Christopher Wood took the next slot for character of the week in January. Christopher was quoted as being a great student, who is always the first to help others without being asked. His positive attitude and active participation are a benefit in every class he is in, the school said.

To wrap up January, 8th grader Grace Harkness took the spot. Grace was quoted by the school as bing kind, friendly, helpful, respectful, trustworthy, and an all-around great kid!

As the first week of February rolled in, Olivia Medicine Stone was picked as the character. Olivia was said to be respectful, hard working, polite to her classmates, and she always has a smile and a happy demeanor.

And this week, 8th grader Natalie Schall was chosen to be the character of the week. Natalie was said to be is extremely responsible, respectful, kind, and downright hard working.  The school said she is always done with her work before the deadline and strives to make things right if they are wrong.

On behalf of Devils Lake Journal, congratulations to all of the Central Middle School’s Characters of the Weeks!

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