Community Shout Out: Area Students make LRSC President and Dean List

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

Devils Lake - LRSC announces President’s and Dean’s List Lake Region State College has released its honor lists for Fall 2020. Students who maintained a 4.00 grade point average are named to the President’s list. Students who maintained high academic standings between 3.25 and 3.99 are named to the Dean’s list.

On behalf of Devils Lake Journal, congratulations to the following students on your well deserved achievements.

The following students were named to the LRSC President’s List:

Albishri, Khaled --  Devils Lake, ND

Alsamdani, Ilbrahim   --  Devils Lake, ND

Anderson, Jessica   --  Devils Lake, ND

Ash, Danielle   -- Devils Lake, ND

Babgi, Omar  -- Devils Lake, ND

Baer, Gretchen --  Devils Lake, ND

Braun, Timothy A  -- Devils Lake, ND

Domres, Alexandria --  Langdon, ND

Fee, Braden E   -- Devils Lake, ND

Flaten, Josie -- Hope, ND

Gainsforth, Reece  --  Devils Lake, ND

Haas, Alaiyah --  Starkweather, ND

Haugaard, Peyton S --  Hope,    ND

Hettwer, Nichole  -- Starkweather, ND

Horner, Mason  --  Edmore,    ND

Idalski, Beau  -- New Rockford, ND

Laualofa Tevao, Tausala  --  Devils Lake, ND

Lowery, Alex   --  Devils Lake, ND

Nielson, Caitlin M --  Larimore, ND

Prince, Madison G -- Devils Lake, ND

Rance, Breonna  --  Webster, ND

Salander, Tucker --  Larimore, ND

Schempp, Jacob   --  Larimore, ND

Schlett, Chris M  --  Larimore, ND

Schmidt, Dalton  --   Lakota,    ND

Tandeski, Sierra H  --   Devils Lake, ND

Wallace, Brady G  --  Devils Lake, ND

Zimmerman, James --  Devils Lake, ND


Lake Region State College Dean’s List for Fall 2020:

Alexander, Matthew J  --  Devils Lake, ND

Alghamdi, Khalid -- Devils Lake, ND

Aloufi, Nawaf Abdulrahman A --  Devils Lake, ND

Barendt, Hannah M --  Devils Lake, ND

Bjornson, Carla E  --  Devils Lake, ND

Carlson, Haylee --  Devils Lake, ND

Charles, Ruvin  --  Devils Lake, ND

Cooper, Alexis  -- Devils Lake, ND

Fell, Samantha --   Devils Lake, ND

Grafsgaard, Nathaniel R  -- Devils Lake, ND

Greene, Jacob C   -- Devils Lake, ND

Halvorson, Devyn  --  Devils Lake, ND

Hendrickson, Christopher --  Lakota, ND

Hernandez, Todd R  --  Devils Lake, ND

Hove, Jayden --  Devils Lake, ND

Johnson, Aaron --  Devils Lake, ND

Ledochowski, Jade --  Devils Lake, ND

Longie, Darsie --  Fort Totten, ND

Maritato, Phillip  --   Devils Lake, ND

McKay, Samantha D --  Devils Lake, ND

Mehus, Mindi  --  Hatton,    ND

Melaas, Lucas J  --  Devils Lake, ND

Muhs, Andrew  --  Langdon, ND

Nyhagen, Kayla J --  Cando, ND

Ohma, Zachary R --  Devils Lake, ND

Olson, Abbey --  Devils Lake, ND

Pierce, Lyndsey --  Devils Lake, ND

Pledger, Alexis --  Devils Lake, ND

Posey, Jeremiah --   Devils Lake, ND

Schepp, Jessica J --  Devils Lake,ND

Sommer, James  --  Devils Lake ND

Swanson, Hunter J --  Devils Lake, ND

Thorsteinson, Savannah --  Devils Lake, ND

Welsh, Kristen -- Devils Lake, ND

Widvey, Clara --   Devils Lake, ND

Wooten, Carrie --  Cando, ND

Wrolson, Alexis  --  Cando, ND

Ziegler, Averi J -- Devils Lake, ND

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