February Declared Winter Recreation Month


Governor Burgum has declared February 2021, Winter Recreation Month in North Dakota. The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD), in conjunction with North Dakota Recreation and Park Association (NDRPA), invites you to join us in celebrating all that parks and recreation offer to our citizens and communities.

"North Dakota is known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, and that includes the winter months. Our state parks are open all year and offer a variety of winter recreation opportunities," stated Andrea Travnicek, NDPRD Director. "We hope people are able to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful time of year."

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North Dakota's diverse landscape and unique climate make for endless opportunities to enjoy recreation in February. Recreational opportunities at both state and municipal parks include skating at indoor and outdoor rinks, sledding, fat tire biking, cross-country skiing, kicksledding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. In areas with less snow, there are still opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Recreation enthusiasts can hike, bike, ride off-highway vehicles or go birding.

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Winter recreation isn't just for enjoyment; it is also great for your mental and physical health. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors in the winter helps reduce stress. Exposure to sunlight helps maintain healthy vitamin D levels, which reduces seasonal affective disorder and gives you more energy. The North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department would also like to remind visitors that there is still time to participate in the statewide 12 Months-12 Hikes Challenge and the Adventure Challenge, which offer great ways to stay active in the winter.

"Park districts across the state are proud to offer many winter activities to our communities," said NDRPA President Sam Larson-Frobig. "We encourage the public to participate in their local park district activities and join us in celebrating North Dakota's Winter Recreation Month."

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The Department would like to remind visitors to follow the CDC's guidelines on social distancing and personal hygiene while visiting park locations.

The mission of the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department is to offer a diversity of recreation opportunities and sustainably manage resources.

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