Former Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Shelley Lenz and MHA Tribal Citizen Cesar Alvarez running as a team for leadership of the DEM-NPL

K. William Boyer
Devils Lake Journal

NORTH DAKOTA —Dr. Shelley Lenz and Cesar Alvarez, both from rural Western North Dakota, announced today that they are running as a team for Chair/Vice-Chair of the ND DEM-NPL party in elections to be held this spring.  

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“The one-party dominance in North Dakota is not serving all North Dakotans.  It’s time we get back to our roots and make sure that our government is working for all of us. North Dakota has a long history of independence and self-reliance. We want to make sure that our government is focusing on the pertinent issues and working toward both home-grown and shared prosperity.” said Lenz. “Our collective experience as a veterinarian and rural business leader serving as Chair, and a 100th generation North Dakotan tribal member with vast experience in policy and governance as Vice-Chair, will bring a synergistic energy and unique perspective to our party’s leadership and future,” Lenz continued.  

Dr. Shelley Lenz.
Cesar Alvarez

Lenz was the DEM-NPL Candidate for ND Governor in 2020. She is the founder and owner of State Ave Vet Clinic in Dickinson and Killdeer Vet Clinic. She is the founder and President of Sustainable Vets International, a non-profit which focuses on sustainable economic development in underserved regions of the world. As a business leader, international project developer, and advocate for rural communities, Lenz has long brought a fresh, engaging, and practical approach to economic, community, and workforce development in rural areas.

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Alvarez is a MHA Tribal Citizen, born and raised in New Town, ND. Cesar earned his Bachelors of Arts in Government from Harvard University and is a political advisor to North Dakota Native Vote, serves on the Bush Foundation ND Advisory Committee, and serves as an Intergovernmental Affairs Liaison for the MHA Nation-Four Bears Segment. Alvarez also sits on the ND PBS Board of Directors and serves on the Board of Directors of Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College.  A young, well-educated, politically engaged, multicultural rural North Dakotan is the unique voice we need in leadership of the DEM-NPL.

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“I am excited to bring my extensive experience and passion in government relations coupled with my deep commitment to my community and our land to have a leading voice in the shaping of our party,” Alvarez commented. 

Lenz and Alvarez see making government work to advance homegrown and shared prosperity as a common unifying platform representing all ND lifestyles, industries, businesses, communities, and cultures.  They will champion for a revamped ND DEM-NPL party to help shape the National Democratic Party as the DNC builds back better to address rural state values and culture.  

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