NDFB launches new podcast Straight Talk with NDFB

Lisa Hauf

Bismarck, ND — NDFB has launched Straight Talk with NDFB. The podcast dives into issues affecting North Dakota agriculture, with stories from farmers, ranchers and business owners, and interviews with state leaders. 

The most recent episode addresses the hot topic of separation of powers and features guests Joel Elvrum, owner of the Ranch Steakhouse in Devils Lake and Representative Scott Louser of Minot. 

The host of the podcast is NDFB Northeast Field Representative Seth Estenson, who also ranches near Warwick, N.D.  His cohost is NDFB Public Policy Liaison Emmery Mehlhoff, who also ranches near Spiritwood, N.D. The podcast includes a one-minute run down of current agriculture issues NDFB is monitoring during the North Dakota Legislative Session.   

“We are ready to ask the hard questions and dive into the concerns affecting farmers, ranchers and businesses owners in our state,” said Estenson. “We want to share the stories of those who are affected by the issues being handled at the capitol and dive into why these issues matter to North Dakota.”

Fans of the podcast can contact Emmery Mehlhoff or Seth Estenson via email to provide feedback and ideas for future episodes, or to become a guest on the show.

Straight Talk with NDFB is available on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and iHeart. The episodes will also be featured at www.ndfb.org/straight-talk.

NDFB is the most effective general farm and ranch organization in the state of North Dakota, with more than 28,000 member families and 50 organized county Farm Bureaus.

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