Parenting in a Pandemic

Amy Tichy, Guest Writer

Parenting isn’t easy, and the COVID-19 pandemic is making it harder, which is creating considerable stress for adults and children.

North Dakota State University Extension is hosting a one-hour brain science-based presentation by parenting expert Erin Walsh of the Spark & Stitch Institute at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27, via Zoom. Her presentation, Parenting in a Pandemic: The Many Faces of Stress, will help strengthen family connections and explore practical stress recovery and resilience strategies for kids and adults.

Walsh is a parent, speaker, educator, writer and co-founder of the Spark & Stitch Institute. She has worked with communities across the country that want to better understand child and adolescent development and cut through conflicting information about kids and technology.

Mother and daughter laugh together on the floor

The event also will include time for participants to ask questions.

Attending the presentation is free of charge. To register, go to

It can be a big adjustment for parents when children leave the home.

For more information about the presentation, contact NDSU Extension’s Barnes County office at 701-845-8528. To learn more about the Spark & Stitch Institute, visit