Lake Region Ambulance Services says "Thank you"

Sean Roed, Paramedic, I/C.

Thank you for your donation to Lake Region Ambulance Service. With the donation, we were able to purchase 5 complete sets of the efficient child restraints ACR4 (Ambulance Child Restraint).  The ACR4 system, allows us to safely transport our pediatric patients of any age. Previously, we had a one size fits all for our pediatric patients. That size only accommodates up to approximately 9 months of age.

The new ambulance child restraint is made to wrap around the child in such a way that both the airway and waist are completely exposed, allowing you to work on the patient while they are effectively restrained. Not only that, but the quick-release clips allow us to unclip the patient at a moments notice. No matter what we need to do, this restraint will not get in the way. It gives us access while preventing dangerous movements during transport. If immediate medical intervention is needed around the chest, then the chest strap can be rapidly released to give us access. It just takes one quick action and we are be able to perform life saving measures as needed. They accommodate a weight range from 4 lbs. to 99 lbs. and come in smart color coding for easy selection of 4 sizes. They allow for rapid transition from sitting to flat in an emergency or recovery position. The ACR4 restraints are also padded for patient comfort and reduced risk of pressure sores during long transfers.

Through the generous donations of several individuals, the Lake Region Ambulance Services was able to purchase 5 complete sets of the efficient child restraints.
contributed photo.

I would also like to share with you that because of your donation, as well as the education, training, and equipment that we have at Lake Region Ambulance Service, we have been granted recognition under the North Dakota EMS for Children Pediatric Prepared Ambulance Recognition Program. This program recognizes Ambulances in the State of North Dakota that demonstrate the importance of providing the best possible care for Children.

So next time you see one of our ambulances, look at the back of the Rig and you will see the Emblem of a Teddy Bear for North Dakota Emergency Services for Children. Thank you again for all the support.