Mosquitoes less of a nuisance this year due to dry conditions?

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

Ways and Means supervisor Myron Asleson announced at Monday’s City Commission meeting that aerial spraying to combat the mosquito menace will get underway on Friday, June 30, just before the long Fourth of July weekend.

According to Asleson, the June 30 spraying will be the first of five planned over the summer.

The good news for those in the region who share a hatred for the disease-bearing pests is that dry conditions have reduced the number of mosquitoes in the area, though no count was reported at Monday’s meeting.

However, recent rainstorms and more to come may bring the annoying insects out in force again. If so, the city will continue to spray as scheduled and collect mosquitoes to be sent to Bismarck to evaluate their numbers and what diseases the mosquitoes may be carrying.

East Ditch Recreation Area gets new name

City engineer Mike Grafsgaard proposed a new name for the East Ditch Recreation Area, which has been improved with a new fishing pier and playground.

Grafsgaard said that anglers and other in the region agreed that “East Ditch” was “not the best name,” and presented “Pike Playground and Fishing Pier” as a new identity for the recreation area.

He also proposed that the road leading to the recreation site be named Pike Road. The commission agreed to the changes.