Leevers manager arrested for theft by deception

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
Dave Brustad, longtime manager at Leevers South, was arrested for theft by deception Monday.

Police say that Dave Brustad, a longtime manager at Leevers South grocery, has been arrested for theft by deception.

According to police, Brustad was brought in for questioning Monday in connection with an alleged fraud scheme. He was arrested and booked into Lake Region Law Enforcement Center jail during questioning.

Police report that the alleged fraud scheme might be related to other employees, though details on the breadth of the fraud are still being determined as the investigation goes on.

Brustad is being held for theft by deception, a C felony. Jail records indicate that a bond hearing has not yet been set, and that he has been in jail since 10:20 Monday morning.

Brustad has been with Leevers for several years, though the statute of limitations dictates that any potential theft from more than three years ago is no longer prosecutable.

However, it is still being determined the extent of the alleged fraud and who else may be involved with the scheme.