County approves HR position

Chuck Wickenhofer

The Ramsey County Commission last week approved the drafting of guidelines for a part-time human resources position to oversee personnel matters involving employees under the county’s authority.

The discussion about the position came after the city’s struggles with oversight at the police department that came to light in the wake of the suspensions of the chief of police and captain in April.

State’s Attorney Kari Agotness will draft a job description for the position. Some of the duties involved with the position will be to help draft county policy and consult on disciplinary and termination issues that may arise.

The county is expected to approve the job description and advertising for the position and next week’s regular meeting.

Director Rob Johnson of the Lake Region Law Enforcement Center is also on next Monday’s agenda.

He’ll be there to urge the commission to support the Stepping Up Initiative, which is designed to help find answers for people who suffer from mental health and addiction issues and find themselves incarcerated.

“I am going to continue being vocal and active in trying to get our local leaders to recognize the need for and support providing additional services for those criminal justice involved individuals with mental illness and chemical dependency issues,” Johnson wrote in an email.

The commission discussed the issue at length during last Tuesday’s meeting.

The website for the Stepping Up Initiative is