Second scam reported in region this week

Journal Staff

Devils Lake police say that another scam may be targeting the Lake Region.

Police report that a resident received a call Thursday about a Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes, indicating that she won a prize. However, she was allegedly also told that she would need to pay taxes on the winnings via a prepaid credit card before the prize would be released.

The alleged scammer reportedly told the intended victim to buy the card at Walmart and to call on the way there for further instructions.

Fortunately, police say that the target of the scam smelled a rat and did not comply with the instructions.

DLPD would like to remind residents that in a legitimate sweepstakes, no fee or tax is required before a prize is received. Police say scammers frequently make use of prepaid cards because they can obtain the card’s value from the pin number.

It’s the second reported scam in the region this week. A resident was victimized by Craigslist scam involving a used car sale and a cashier’s check, which will end up costing the victim at least $1,150.