Replacing aging water mains through pipe bursting

Louise Oleson
On Thursday morning, workers from Murphy Pipeline open another section of Fifth Street NE in Devils Lake.

What it is: Workers are replacing aging water mains by a “pipe bursting” method on two blocks of 5th Street NE in Devils Lake.

Murphy Pipelines, a contractor that has replaced water mains in other areas of the city, is back in Devils Lake again and at work on two blocks of Fifth Street NE near the downtown area.

They use a unique method called “pipe bursting” where a series of smaller holes or pits are opened and new water line is installed inside the old water main pipes.

While they are working in that location, they also are replacing all the curb stops.

Using this method there are much smaller areas of the street that need to be dug up and, when they are finished, repaired.

When they are finished with Fifth Street they will move to First Street between Sixth Ave. and Tenth Ave. to complete the project there, as well.