This is your chance to buy a piece of DLHS history

Louise Oleson
One of the sections of flooring up for bid to support the proposed Fine Arts Center.

They say “nothing lasts forever” and at Devils Lake High School it was finally time to replace the entire gym floor in the Sports Center.

Basketball players complained of “dead areas” and spots where the floor was very uneven.

Rather than discarding the flooring to be removed, the DLPS Development Fund director, Lara Prozinski, came up with a unique idea to recycle the floor. Anyone who would like to purchase a piece of Devils Lake High School history can.

Why are they doing this?

The school wants to build a Fine Arts Center and all proceeds from the Sports Center floor sale go to the Fine Arts Center Fund. Prozinski reports that she hopes to raise $100,000 to further the project that would connect the present high school building to the Lake Area Career and Technology Center.

“It is important that our students have a place where they can perform that is acoustically sound,” Business Manager Melissa Haahr said.

Presently the choirs, orchestra, soloists and instrumentalists perform in the school’s lunch room, known as the Commons.

“Plus it is a matter of safety and security,” Haahr added.

Also, the peripheral doors cannot be locked because students have to come and go throughout the day to classes in both buildings. Haahr says they are in and out all day long no matter what the weather is like or how cold it is outside.

Some donations have come in to fund the project, but much more is needed.

The money raised by the sale of these segments of the Sports Center floor will go to further this project along.

What these segments can be used for is limited only by your imagination. Imagine the phenomenal tables they could make.

Imagine a basketball player’s bedroom with real gym floor flooring. Imagine the artwork you could make. The value of the flooring as memorabilia may also interest potential bidders.

The majority of the floor is for sale outright starting on Thursday, June 23 from noon until 6 p.m.

Others can submit a bid for eight different larger chunks of the flooring from the Sports Center. 400 4 x 4 sections of the floor are available at $200 apiece, so they won’t be part of the bidding.

Since 1980, when it was first built, the Devils Lake Sports Center floor has seen hundreds, maybe even thousands of people using its facility.

Think of all those games, all those activities: High school varsity and junior varsity basketball games, volleyball games, tournaments, wrestling matches, performances, proms, teacher recognition events, graduations and numerous other activities have taken place on its shiny, hardwood floors.

It saw the transition from the Satans to the Firebirds in 2002.

Today that shiny hardwood floor is gone. Sometime in the last week workmen tore up the basketball court’s flooring one piece at a time. All that remains is the bare concrete that was beneath the floor.

Workers will have to remove a portion of the concrete base to determine what is below it and do the repairs needed to even out the floor and address what was causing the “dead” spaces.

What you can get

The majority of the pieces for sale are about four foot by four foot square. Most consist of just wood, although some have a red, black or white stripe on the segment.

These segments go on sale Thursday, June 23 starting at Noon and ending at 6 p.m. for a suggested donation of $200 each. Many are available.

Bids will be accepted until Friday July 8 for the segments that contain the logos of the Devils Lake Firebirds, or DL and the name of the city.

Larger segments preserved the white letters on red “Devils Lake” that were located at either end of the court. These are 14 feet long and 4.5 feet wide. The minimum bid for these items is $1,000.

The two brightly colored Firebirds from either side of the court, are also intact measuring 14 feet in length. These are available for a minimum bid of $1,000 each.

Two are four foot by four foot squares with the initials DL embossed on them. For each the suggested minimum bid is $500.

For the two 14-foot sections bearing both the name “Firebirds” in red and gold and Devils Lake in black the minimum bid is $1,500.

Visit the DLPS Development Fund’s Facebook page to bid on these items.

For more information contact or visit the DLPS Development Fund’s Facebook page.