Liggett sentenced for child neglect

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Devils Lake Journal

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Antoinette Liggett, 49, of Devils Lake, entered a guilty plea on the charge of Child Neglect, a Class C felony.

On February 8, 2016, officers of the DLPD became involved with an investigation where two girls, a nine-year-old and her 13-year-old sister, had been home alone with no heat, water or food.

Officers and child protection workers found the two girls had been left alone for days on end, and the house was in a deplorable condition.

The investigation was sparked by the discovery that neither girl was regularly attending school.

Garbage and filth was rampant in the Pitcher Park trailer, according to reports and pictures from the residence, along with animal feces, an overflowing toilet, and what appeared to be used toilet paper all over the floor.

Space heaters were being used for heat. At the time the trailer was discovered in its rundown condition, Liggett’s location was unknown, though she claimed in court that her job as a manager at McDonald’s kept her away from home.

Liggett entered an open plea of guilty on the charge.  Ramsey County States Attorney Lonnie W. Olson argued for three years in the DOCR, to serve one year, with two years suspended for two years, with supervised probation. Defense attorney Joe Vetsch argued for probation, noting her lack of criminal history.

For her part, Liggett claimed that she only left her children unattended for a day or two at a time, and that there was some food in the home, though she did admit that she failed to send her children to school.

“I’ve since broke from the crowd I was hanging with when this happened,” Liggett said.

Judge Christofferson ordered sentence on Liggett to be deferred for three years, with supervised probation, and to serve 120 days in the Lake Region Re-entry Center.