Rime resigns as director of LEC

Chuck Wickenhofer
A special meeting of the LEC board conducted in March, a year after Tom Rime took over the administrator position. Rime announced his resignation Wednesday.

In an unexpected move, Law Enforcement Center Administrator Tom Rime announced his resignation at the regular LEC Board meeting Wednesday.

The board will be sending out applications statewide, though Ramsey County Sheriff Steve Nelson is expected to take over the position on an interim basis. Nelson has served in that capacity in the past.

Rime, who became LEC Administrator on March 1, 2015, reports that he is leaving the position for family reasons.

“It’s really based on family.”

Another reason for Rime’s departure is an opportunity to work with his wife.

“We started as probation officers together many, many years ago. We kind of get to come full circle and work together again. More importantly, it puts us four or five hours closer to our kids.”

Though Rime has dealt with a few tough situations during his administration, such as management of inmate counts, which directly affect the facility’s budget, and issues with escapes, he reports that those were not the reasons why he left the position.

“The decision was actually made probably about a month ago,” Rime said. “We knew for the purposes of this agency, I wanted to time the announcement in a way that worked for everybody else.

“I’ve been kind of uncomfortably sitting on the news for awhile,” Rime added. “The decision was made before the most recent incident that we had with the escape. It’s a lot of responsibility, it’s a tough job, but I would never shy away from it or leave for that reason.”

The next meeting of the LEC board is June 15. A committee will be set up to conduct interviews for the open position.