Water festival held at Calvary Square in Fort Totten

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
Students from Tate Topa participated in a ‘water festival’ Monday. They were given an opportunity to learn about precipitation, evaporation, percolation and other concepts related to water.

Tuesday morning a number of volunteers from around the region and the North Dakota Water Department gathered at Calvary Square in the Fort Totten State Historic Site to present a Water Festival.

Students from Tate Topa School in Fort Totten learned about precipitation, evaporation, percolation and many other concepts related to water.

One instructor, Sara Anderson, used Tai Chi movements to help one group of students understand rainfall in the lobby of the Fort Totten Little Theater. Another instructor, Colleen Graue from Sullys Hill National Game Preserve, had buckets of pond water for the students to scoop out bugs, snails, tiny fish and any matter of living things with small nets.

Each student carried a journal to write about what they saw and experienced during the day.

There were seven stations in all, each providing a different hands-on experience having to do with water.

This event is part of the 2016 Water Education series provided through the North Dakota State Water Department.