Spirit Lake Reservation slaying suspect pleads not guilty

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) — A man accused of killing one man and critically injuring another on the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation has pleaded not guilty in federal court to murder and assault charges.

Dallas Thundershield entered his pleas Monday and was scheduled for a two-week trial beginning July 5, though court documents indicate his attorney will ask for a delay due to a scheduling conflict.

Thundershield is accused of killing Richard Dumarce Sr. and injuring Elvis Demarce in an April 9 fight that began while the three were driving around with Thundershield's girlfriend.

The relationship between Thundershield and the two other men and the nature of the argument still isn't clear as of now.

Thundershield is accused of using his vehicle, his booted foot and a knife as weapons in the incident.

Thundershield is remaining in custody until his case is resolved.