Sentences handed down Friday

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Devils Lake Journal

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Michael Dunn, 32, of Devils Lake, was sentenced on the charge of Theft of Property, a C felony. On July 20, 2015, Dunn was found to be in possession of property stolen from a home in Fort Totten. Dunn had been at the home, and when the resident woke up, two televisions and a laptop were found missing.

The resident came to Devils Lake and found the property in the trunk of Dunn’s car, then called the Devils Lake police.

Dunn entered a guilty plea, and Judge Christofferson sentenced Dunn to two years in the DOCR, to serve 90 days at the Lake Region Law Enforcement Center. He will get work release to pay $600 in restitution to the victims.

Lorraine Good Nature, 46, of Bismarck, was revoked and resentenced on the charge of two counts of Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

In 2012, she entered a guilty plea to selling 12 tablets of Lorcet and 10 tablets of Lorcet to a confidential informant on separate occasions. A warrant was issued for her arrest in 2014.

Judge Christofferson revoked her probation and re-sentenced her to one year and one day in the DOCR.

Elmer White III, 33, of St Michael, was revoked and resentenced on a 2011 conviction  of Obtaining a Prescription by fraud or misrepresentation, a C felony.

In December of 2015, White was serving a six month local jail sentence, with work release privileges. After two days, he left and did not return. He was arrested on April 29.

Upon admitting to absconding, Judge Christofferson resentenced White to finish the prior sentence at the Reentry Center, to serve six months in the Law Enforcement Center. Six months were suspended for two years.

Kyle Eugene Vivier, 30, most recently of Grand Forks, was revoked and resentenced on his conviction for Possession of a Controlled Substance, a class C felony. He had been convicted on January 23, 2015.

His only contact with the probation office was in August 2015, and he was deemed to have absconded. He was re-arrested on April 28 in Devils Lake, and charged with Theft, a C felony, for stealing from a local air ambulance.

Judge Foughty resentenced Vivier to 18 months in the DOCR. He will remain in Devils Lake while the new case is pending.

Larry Ford, 30, most recently of Bismarck, was sentenced on the charge of Escape, a C felony.  Ford was serving a sentence for a Nelson County Theft of Property, a class C felony, when he was ordered to serve in the Reentry Center in Devils Lake, and was given work release to two different places of employment, and to go to a medical appointment.

He left and did not return for seven days. Judge Foughty sentenced Ford to one year and one day in the DOCR, to run concurrently with the Nelson County case.