Toddler found in abandoned vehicle eight hours after tow

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
The young girl after being rescued from an abandoned car.

Tow truck driver Cliff Reeves reports that a two-year-old girl was found in an abandoned vehicle in Fort Totten Sunday morning, eight hours after it was towed.

Reeves describes that after responding to a call about the abandoned vehicle at approximately 2 a.m., he proceeded to tow the car. It wasn’t until the car was unhooked from the wrecker at about 10 a.m. the next morning that his son noticed a hand in the window.

“I looked in the backseat twice, but I didn’t see anything,” Reeves said.

Reeves also reported that a man who was apparently unconscious in the vehicle was taken into custody by police. Another man may have fled the scene, according to Reeves, but that could not be confirmed.

Though temperatures were just above freezing overnight, the girl was apparently unharmed and was taken into custody by social services.