Brett Mercer sentenced for felony theft

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

According to a report from Ramsey County States Attorney Lonnie Olson, Brett Mercer, 23 of Devils Lake, was sentenced on the charge of Theft, a Class C felony.  

On October 2014, and again in April of 2015, Mercer went to a local supply store and charged purchases to farmers accounts, claiming to be the hired man.  He signed fake names to the sales slip.  When the farmers found the charges to the account, it was disputed and credited to them. After the second theft, officers were able to identify Mercer on both charges.  

Mercer was sentenced to 5 years in the DOCR, all suspended for 2 years from the date of his release from the DOCR on unrelated  Benson County charges in which he is going to serve 2 years.  

Mercer will be on supervised probation, and was ordered to pay $1,562 in restitution.