Victim hopes to recover precious item her father made

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

The victim of a break-in in Devils Lake that was reported last week hopes to recover an item that cannot be replaced.

In fact she is offering an additional reward for information that would lead to its return.

The item has sentimental value because it is a miniature porch swing that her father made for her over 30 years ago.

She described it as very detailed, made of wood and painted white, like an old fashioned porch swing with hand-made laths on the seat and back.

Her father passed away in 1996.

In the initial report of this crime it was stated that an individual or individuals cut into the screen of the victim’s patio off the alley. It was discovered early Monday morning.

A television, dorm fridge, two dolls and a wooden chair were taken from the porch area.  The “wooden chair” instead was this miniature porch swing made by the victim’s late father.

She said everything else that was stolen can be replaced, but not the porch swing.

If you have information on this incident or the item described, call the Devils Lake Police Department’s Crimestoppers hotline at 662-0739 or Detective Schwab at 662-0700.

Crimestoppers will also provide a reward.