RSVP+ND partnering with DLHS to offer students opportunities

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Devils Lake Journal
Dylan Moser, Grade 11, was selected by the DLHS student body to serve as the student representative on the Devils Lake School Board. Here Business Manager Kathy Ellison administers the oath of office to Moser at the school board meeting.

A new partnership is in the works between RSVP+ND in Devils Lake and Devils Lake High School that will bring new and varied opportunities for the city’s high school students.

The Devils Lake Public School Board heard about the plan at their regular meeting Monday, Oct. 27 from DLHS Principal Ryan Hanson who is enthusiastic about the benefits it will bring to the entire community as well as the students.

The Firebird Volunteer Program will give students the opportunity to earn a white Honor Cord upon their graduation. The purpose of the program is to help the community with the numerous events requiring volunteers while at the same time instilling in the teens a sense of civic duty and the personal satisfaction that comes with giving back to their community.

It’s a “win-win” situation for everyone, Hanson reported.

The program would allow for student service hours to be tracked and compiled by an outside entity - RSVP+ND. This will provide students with official documentation for college entrance applications, resumes and scholarship applications.

Not only that, but with this experience the students will have the potential of several references to add to their resume or curriculum vitae.

Hanson explained that each student could potentially earn a double or even a triple cord, if their volunteer hours exceed the minimum by two or three times.

Jon Jensen runs the local office of RSVP+ND and he has been working closely with Hanson. He has developed a database to inform students when there is a volunteer opportunity. The most recent one, according to Hanson, was last week and after the initial e-mail blast to those who had registered about two potential events, within two days all the vounteer spots needed were filled. There are already 25 completed student apps on file.

Hanson said the program kicked off on October 8 when Jenson and Student Council President Parker Hoey spoke to the student body. The two laid out the program and discussed what serving your community really means.

Following the assembly they provided each student with an application and a short explanation of what the program is all about. Signs were posted all around the school campus, including posters in each classroom reminding students of the program.

The Student Council with assistance from Mrs. Lara Prozinski are maintaining an area in the English Department with pictures and volunteer opportunities.

“This is the first program in the state being run in cooperation with a community sponsor. We are very excited to be blazing trails for others, so to speak,” Hanson said.

“I truly believe the possibilities for our community and our students are going to continue to increase - just an amazing way for DLHS and the Lake Region to work together for great causes,” he added.

Hanson continued by stating that it is his hope that this will instill a high level of giving within DLHS students.

“We really wanted a way to recognize our students for efforts other than grades. Giving to our community is a life-long ideal which we definitely want our students to understand and be compelled to do,” Hanson stated.

“My hope is that we reach a day when ALL of our graduates have the volunteer honor cords at graduation.”