History for the holiday

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Devils Lake Journal
Lillian Wineman is pictured here on the left. The first floor of the LRHC has a collection of Wineman’s artifacts. It is said her spirit follows her belongings.

LRHC to host Halloween-themed events

Through the years, staff at the Lake Region Heritage Center have been commonly asked if the former post office building is haunted.

Lisa Zimmerman, Lake Region Heritage Center director, prefers to leave the answer up in the air for visitors of the museum.

"I don't like to steer people in one direction or the other," she said of the public's opinion of possible spirits in the building. "It's important for everyone to form their own opinion."

Thanks to a second annual event held at the center Saturday, Oct. 25, the area will be able to get a look for themselves. The Spirits of the Museum Ghost Tour is slated to be held for one night only in the Lake Region Heritage Center. Tours begin at 7 p.m. running continuously until 10 p.m.

Unlike other haunted houses, the Spirits of the Museum Ghost Tour is built around events and incidents that have actually happened to visitors of the building through the years. For spectators of last year's event, Zimmerman notes that the 2014 version will bring a number of chilling twists and turns.

"It's completely different," she told the Journal. "Last year, it revolved around ghost stories of the Lake Region. While we still incorporate history and stories, this year we will let the building speak for itself."

The tour will include the incorporation of two spirits said to be haunting the Lake Region Heritage Center. Stories of Lillian Wineman, a prominent figure in Devils Lake during the early 1900s, and Charles Sneesby, a police officer killed in the building during a 1924 robbery, will be told.

The event doesn't include guts or gore. However, the tour, which costs $10 per person and $5 for members, is sure to offer some chilling moments for those in attendance.

"For movie fans, I like to think of it as a thriller not a slasher move," Zimmerman added.

The Spirits of the Museum Ghost Tour is recommended for visitors ages 14 and up.

Families looking for a fun event are invited to the Lake Region Heritage Center the next day. On Sunday, Oct. 26, the first-ever Trick-or-Treating at the Museum will be held from 12-3 p.m.

Families will have the opportunity to visit more than 15 different stops in the building while visiting with actors of the exhibit. There will also be crafts and games in the courtroom.

"We are very excited about Trick-or-Treating at the Museum," Zimmerman stated. "It's something completely different for us. I think it will be a fun day for area families."

The Halloween events at the center add some thrills and family fun. They also give guests a sense of the area and its heritage.

"We love the fun of the season, but we want everything we do to connect back to the mission of sharing history to the Lake Region," the center director commented.