This week's top story: DLHS runner helps injured opponent

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Melanie Bailey, a DLHS senior carries Fargo South’s Senior Danielle Lanoue on her back.

Melanie Bailey, a senior at DLHS says she simply “Did the right thing” Saturday while running girls varsity cross country at the Ponderosa Golf Course in Glyndon, Minn., an EDC meet sponsored by Fargo schools.

At just past the two-mile mark of the 2.4 mile course the runner ahead of her, senior Danielle Lenoue, was limping and crying, obviously in a great deal of pain, so Bailey stopped and offered help. Though the Fargo South runner kept telling her to “go on” Bailey refused.

“She was just sobbing, I couldn’t leave her,” she explained.

So she tried having the girl lean on her, to help her walk to where they could get help, but that didn’t work. “It wasn’t enough,” she explained.

“I felt so bad for her, I had to do something,” Bailey said, so she finally took the taller, heavier girl onto her back and carried her to get medical attention, a distance of approximately a quarter of a mile.

Lenoue messaged Bailey later, telling her that she had torn her patella tendon and meniscus.

Bailey lives with her grandmother, Cynthia Lindquist, in Devils Lake and hopes to pursue a career in physical therapy after graduation. She’s not certain what college she will attend and is considering several in the area.

When asked if she felt like a hero after this incident, Bailey replied, “I feel like I was just doing the right thing.”

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