Funds needed to repair pool’s whirlpool/hot tub at Deaf School

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

The swimming pool at the North Dakota School for the Deaf is the only indoor swimming pool for public use in Devils Lake.  It is used not only by students of the school, but also by many in the community; among them persons with medical needs referred by doctors and senior swimmers who use the facility Monday, Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school calendar year.

 Unfortunately use of the whirlpool/hot tub adjacent to the pool has not been available for several years. Because the equipment is beyond repairing and it needs replacement.  The NDSD does not have sufficient funds in their budget to complete this project therefore, two members of the senior swimming class volunteered to assist in fundraising and writing grant applications to help defray the expenses.

Sharon Etemad and Judy Ovre are waiting to hear from a large grant they’ve applied for from the Otto Bremer Foundation. So far the Devils Lake Area Foundation has awarded a portion of the needed funds, in the amount of $9,150.  

As the total cost of the project will be an estimated $35,600, it is hoped that the grants, fundraisers, and donations from organizations and individuals will assist by providing the majority of the funding; and that the State Legislature and the ND Friends of Deaf Children Foundation (NDFDCF) will provide the remainder.

How can you help? This might be a worthy cause for memorial gifts or year-end charitable donations. The goal is for the new whirlpool to be operational in time for the 2015 fall start of school.

The NDFDCF is the official sponsor organization and its mailing address is 1401 College Drive, Devils Lake, ND 58301.

All contributions are tax deductible and gifts of all levels are appreciated.