LED pilot project gets green light

Harry Lipsiea Journal Reporter
Terry Johnston, city administrator, Linda Lybeck, city auditor, Dale Robbins, commissioner, and Rick Morse, commissioner, discuss maintenance at the Devils Lake Kids Preschool and Child Care Center building.

The Devils Lake city commission gave the go ahead for a pilot project in the community Monday evening during its regular meeting.

During the last meeting in September, Devils Lake Fire Chief Jim Moe discussed the possibility of installing LED lighting in a section of the city. He noted that the life of the lights would be an improvement to the ones currently in place. Lighting officials have also noted that they it would brighten up the area, Moe said.

Commission members voted Monday to go forward with the installation of LED lighting heads on College Drive from Highway 19 to Highway 2. Moe pointed out that the area is one of the darkest in town.

The materials will cost $8,100 and will be installed by the Devils Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

"We want to get a feel for them as far as illumination and efficiency," mayor Dick Johnson pointed out.

Rick Morse, city commission member, added, "We have had problems with bulbs going out in the past, so I think this is a good project to see how the LED lighting works."

In other business, commissioner Dale Robbins requested $5,000 in funds for maintenance at the Devils Lake Kids Preschool and Child Care Center.

Currently, an electric commercial stove, which has been nonfunctional for the past six months, needs to be fixed and tile flooring needs to be cleaned. The commission approved the expenditure for $5,000.

Also, the first reading of Ordinance No. 923 was held Monday. The ordinance has to with tobacco sales and the inclusion of E-Cigarettes in the city's current tobacco policy.