Update your ID before deadline for elections

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

Ramsey County Auditor Elizabeth V. Fischer reminds voters that they will need valid identification (ID) to vote in the upcoming General Election. This state law applies to absentee/vote by mail ballots as well as voting in person on Election Day, November 4.

“If you’ve moved recently, you need to update your records and ID, or you may have to return to your old precinct to vote.”

While the general election is still more than a month away, voters need to be aware of the new restrictions to voter ID. To be eligible to vote in North Dakota voters must update the information on their ID cards 30 days before the election. The deadline to do this in person is Friday October 3, but voters will also be able to update their addresses on the North Dakota Department of Transportation website until Sunday, October 5.

North Dakota does not require voter registration, but this election is different than in previous years because voters no longer have the option of signing an affidavit attesting to their residential address, or use an alternative form of proof of residency such as an MDU bill.

The only acceptable forms of identification to vote in North Dakota currently includes:

  • Driver’s License
  • Non-drivers license ID card
  • Tribal ID
  • Student ID certificate
  • Long-term care ID certificate

What is important to remember is that your ID MUST include your name, residential address and date of birth.

“We really want to get the word out about this,” says Elizabeth. “Every eligible voter has the right to vote, and to know that every other voter is also eligible to vote.”

Please note all ballots need to be returned by November 3 in person or postmarked to be counted.

More voters are expected to turn out for the General Election, so it is important for all voters to have valid IDs.