Polish up your trivia knowledge to play and win ‘Game Show’ prizes

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Devils Lake Journal
The four volunteers from the audience each round will sit at one of these podiums to answer questions during “Game Show.”

Theater goers throughout the region are in for a real treat later this week when the Fort Totten State Historical Site presents “Game Show” at the Fort Totten Little Theater.

Director Bill Schuler is fired up about the cast, crew and the concept of the show.

“It’s a live TV studio - that’s what we’ve built on the stage, there’s an announcer, a game show host and each night we need volunteers from the audience to play,” he said.

They’ve borrowed two real TV cameras from WDAZ and there are commercials in between each round, just like a real game show you’d see on television.

Well-known local comedic actor Peter Foss plays the game show host and Jeb Oehlke is the announcer.

The producer of the show is Terri Mertens and Gavin Brown her production assistant.

The cameramen are Dusty Wolf and Kale Stromme.

The first four volunteers on stage are asked some relatively simple questions, according to Schuler, and the winner moves on to the semi final round and ultimately the Grand Prize Puzzle Round determines the winner each show. There are three rounds of volunteers before the semi finals.

The top three winners from each performance will have their names put into a drawing to win some pretty fantastic prizes - real prizes like two 36-inch flat, screen TVs and cash.