New business will pamper, tame that shaggy moppet, and yes, de-skunk your dog

Journal Staff Report
Daisha Herbel-Azure grooms any sized dog, large or small like these two shown here. Above she gives a haircut to a clean and shaggy great pyrennees. At right, this little moppet seems to be asking, “Please, give me a haircut, I’m awfully shaggy.”

For all the pet owners in the region there’s good news. There’s a new business in town that caters to your canine companions called Pretty Paws.

Located at 211 Fifth Ave. NE, it is owned by Daisha Herbel-Azure and open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“I have a high velocity dryer that helps blow out the undercoat and helps reduce shedding,” Herbel-Azure says.

Not all groomers have that.

Hers is a full-service pet groomers including a haircut, bath, blow-out, toe nails, ears and anal glands.

The bath package includes a bath, blow out and toe nails.

“I also do toe nails on a walk-in basis - all I ask is that you call or text before coming in so I have a little warning,” she added.

She will also de-skunk your pet if Fido should run into one of those critters in the wild.

She takes on all sizes of dogs from the smallest toy breeds to the largest. There are many styles of cuts available, too, from the standard shave-down to puppy cuts to teady bear to Benji cuts.

Some people are not aware than there are many types of dogs that shouldn’t be shaved, Herbel-Azure said.

“I get to know the dogs and take time to play with them so they feel comfortable here and with me, as well.”

“If I know a dog is stressed out, I make sure they have time to relax before I put them on my table. Being groomed is supposed to be relaxing, just like when you go to get your hair done,” she said.

“I think from the time I was a little girl I have always wanted to work with animals. After I graduated from college, I had an opportunity to do just that. With the help of my family I opened Pretty Paws on September 2, 2008.

“I recently relocated to Devils Lake to be closer to my family. Once I found the perfect spot to open up, I did.”

She couldn’t be happier with her business and the customers she’s met since starting her business here in Devils Lake.

She credits having her family here for support as one of the things that makes being in this community great.

“I take pride in what I do and take the time to get to know my customers and to educate them about their breed of dog,” she added.

“Your dog will be treated like family here.”